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Review: White Dwarf June 2013

Last issue (May) I thought we saw a glimpse of hope that the WD team has been listening to their readers and brought in more new content. This issue continues in that manner luckily and I hope it will continue this way, but for now here's a review of the June issue.

First of all I will do this review a little different, I won't be mention every single segment this time around but focusing on the new segments and what I found most interesting in the old ones. But first we go to the mandatory segment which will always be there.

New Releases

Eldar of course! Gw continues with the trend of a new AB/Codex every month and now we get more Xenos action. They got some really cool new stuff and I must say I like the look of everything. The massive Wraithknight and the flyers is my favourites though as well as the Wraithguard/Wraithblades. They had a better preview of the codex this time around showing us some more of it, and the design looks good as all the recent Codexes/Armybooks. Apart from Eldar we get a new limited ed. T-shirt this month and some more books from Black Library. An interesting picture Is found on pg 41 showing us and cool Dark Angel on a world collapsing around him that I haven't seen before. Will we get some DA action from Forgeworld? Or something new in the HH book series perhaps?

Painting and converting

In Army of the Month we see Nick Bayton's huge and nicely painted Orcs and Goblins army, thank you for not showing us Space Marines yet again! In Parade Ground we see a focus on the ordinary soldiers and regiments of Warhammer. All is looking really nice even the Ostermark Halberdiers painted by me :). In Kit Bash we see a conversion that really made me stop flipping trough the pages. A guy called Eddie Eccles has made an 'Fallen' Dark Angel Land Raider with an Mausoleum from the Garden of Morr on top. Really nicely done and superb painting as well. In Paint Splatter we get some tips on how to paint Eldar, nothing extraordinary but good tips non the less.

Rules and Fluff

Not much of Rules accept the little bits of info in the Battle Report and so on but we do get some fluff this time around and we get it in an article called 'Culture of the Eldar'. Here Phil Kelly and Jes Godwin explains the culture and symbolism of the Eldar, like for example the runes that each Craftworld has. Here we also see how the different painting schemes for the Crafworlds and and what their insignias mean. Even though I no massive fan of Eldar I found this article to be an big step in the right direction.


We get an Battlereport as usual putting the new Eldar against Necrons. Of course showing of the new stuff for Eldar. The battlereport is good but could be better, a narrative would be nice and I don't like that they don'r show us the Point costs. Still the armies look really and there are some bigger pictures in there as well letting us get a better overview of the battlefield.

The new stuff

Apart from the article about the culture of the Eldar I already written about there are actually two other new articles. First one is not totally new as we had one last month but still. Armchair General it's called and is about a gamer/hobbyist and why they started their army and how they tend to play them. In this issue it's about Dan Harden and his Tau army. The playing tips aren't that advanced maybe but I really like this segment and hope it stays, we also see a lot of pictures of his army which is nice.

The other totally new article is called War Diary and I have high hopes for this one. It's similar to a Tale of four gamers but here's it about making an Army to compete in the Armies on Parade 2013. We see some finished things as well as the work in progress for the ones involved in this project. There's a good mix of armies as well I think, Eddie Eccles will do an Eldar force based around Harlequins, Carl Dafforn will go with Ogre Kingdoms, Jon Flindall will go with Daemons of Chaos with an board looking like an overrun Empire village, Chris Bilewicz will make an Sylvanian themed VC army, Dominic Murrey will do Tau, Nick Bayton will do SM Blood Ravens and the last and best idea so far according to me. Dan Harden will do an Empire Ostermark army, really good choice Dan! So a lot of armies and Display boards to look forward seeing in the future.

The other stuff..

In this month in we get some good stuff about the Eldar when visiting the Design Studio, like for example seeing a comparision in size between an Eldar Wraithguard, Wraithlord and the new HUGE Wraithknight. We also get to see some of the models both the Design team and WD team has painted up and we get some info about what games they have played and so on. At Forgeworld we get to see some WIP's of the Dread Maw which is looking really fearsome and cool. We also get ti see an SM Legion Praetor which looks really detailed and nice as well. The Warrior Priest exclusive to visitors of Games Day or Forge World Open is also shown, we have seen it before and I so want it. Can't visit any of the events though so if anyone that knows that he will visit one of them please let me know maybe we can do some kind of deal ;)


Some new articles which where nice to read, some of the old segments is getting better I think. There's still stuff to improve even more but I a feeling that they at least try to improve and getting more used to the new format and feeling comfortable about it. Also the best thing, they have a picture of my Halberdiers :)

Rating: 3,5 out of 5

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