Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Empire: Halberdiers Detachment

Some time ago I bought some models up on Tradera (Swedish eBay) and among some quite nicely painted Halberdiers that was also really nicely converted using only Greatswords bodies and legs. All of them also have a unique head so no head is the same in this unit and I love those little details.

Anyhow, I didn't think I needed to repaint much as as I saw them on the pics they where already nicely painted and also in Stirland colours so I only really needed to change the green to purple. Well so I thought. It was much easier said than done, the models where nicely painted, especially the heads but the uniforms where not my cup of tea. The green I would change anyhow but the yellow where to heavy washed and with a to dark wash as well, so I needed to repaint that. Also the armour and weapons where a little sloppy so I tidied that up as well. I also changed the bases so it matches the rest of army. So the only thing I didn't need to repaint much was the faces which I just made some minor things with.

The unit I bought was twenty men so I will use it as a detachment I think, or mix into my bigger unit (40 men) if needs be. I'm almost done with all of them but here are the first five Iv'e finished, as always comments and suggestions are very welcome.


  1. you are really good. useing your tutorials for my army(WOC), please make more tutorials, yours are really great!!

  2. Thanks mate, I sure will! Something in particular you wanna see?


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