Saturday, 9 November 2013

News: Aliens vs Predator miniatures game!

It has been known for a while now but I have totally forgotten to report this, there is a AvP miniatures game made by Warzone: Resurrection devs Prodos Games. You already knew this? Yeah well their Kickstarter has been up now for two days but has already made the initial goal of £35.000 and three more goals and is now almost up to £108.000 and is nearing the £110k stretch goal.

The models is looking really promising and just as their Warzone miniatures is made of high quality resin. I'm eager to pledge to this KS as I really like the AvP IP but I really want the Resin Terrain set if I go with this KS and then it starts to get expensive. Really excited to see how this KS develops though. You find more info at their Kickstarter page.



    Looks great with a lot of potential

  2. Definitely, totally agree there.


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