Sunday, 17 November 2013

Conversions Corner: Chaos Trolls

Can we turn Rat Ogres into Chaos Trolls? Do we need any conversions for O&G River Trolls or do they work as is as Chaos Trolls without? Well I have been trying to build up my unit of eleven Chaos Trolls and Throgg the Troll King. For this I'm using.

Finecast Throgg model (no need for conversions here)
Nine River Trolls (three boxes of three models)
Two Rat Ogres (from the Island of Blood set)

So far I have just built the Rat Ogres and made them into Chaos Trolls and built two of the River Trolls. The Rat Ogres do need some conversions of course, mainly I used two spare Troll heads from the River Trolls kit instead of the Rat Ogres heads. If you want you can pretty much stop here as they look quite nice and is really cheap as well. 

But you need to use some green stuff for the neck to make the new head fit nicely. And when I did that I went on and did some more greenstuffing on the back and under the heads. I then added some bits here and there, fins from the Troll kit, various tentacles from the Spawn kit. On one of them I did something unconventional as well and put little stones into the green stuff I had on the back. This was to add some texture to him as I'm by no means are any expert using green stuff, so this was a nice little short cut.

For the River Trolls you did not need any conversions at all really. But I wanted to something with them, even If I may not do something to all of them. They will be using two hand weapons so I changed one of them who was holding a two-handed weapon into two hand weapons instead. I just cut out the hands and into the weapon and filled with green stuff and added a weapon shaft from the Dragon Ogres kit. I will probably do something more to this model as well before I paint him up.

The next model I just did something small. Some greenstuff and an old Chaos Warrior shield to have it as some kind of shoulder pad. I also added a skull hanging from a chain and some spikes on his shoulder. 

I will of course build up more Trolls and do some more conversions so this unit will look both nice and unique. Also It's quite easy to do because of the models and the fact that you can explain the most strange conversions because of them being warped by Chaos. Really looking forward buidling more models up for this unit and painting the existing ones as well. 


  1. NO comments? Such a shame! I think these are some great conversions, I never would've thought of using rat ogres as such. Great conversion work, I can't wait to see some paint on these guys!

  2. ^^ Agreed. Very nice and simple conversion work. Good job.


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