Sunday, 29 December 2013

WoC: Tzeentch Chariot conversion finished

So this is probably the last finished model this year, and it's the Tzeentch chariot Iv'e shown before but now it has a crew and snow on the base as well. Was really unsure of how this would turn our when I started to do this conversion but it turned out quite well in the end If I may say so.

Really like how it looks with the Screamers pulling the chariot through the air, and I may actually end up doing the same conversion again for a second Tzeentch chariot. The crew consists of an old Chariot crew member with changed right arm holding the whip (I lost the old one :/ ) and a scratch built one of parts from the Chaos Knights kit, Warriors kit and a head from the Chosen models.

Comments is very welcome as always and if you have other suggestions on how to do different marked Chaos chariots feel free to share them.

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