Monday, 9 December 2013

Miniature Monday: Greatswords Horde

I painting on infantry models for my Empire army and this time I've painted some more Greatswords, and these are the last of my fail(metal)cast models to be painted (badly cast models did exist prior to Finecast and I have whole batch of them). And that is really nice because the new models are so much more fun to paint up. I do need to purchase some more of them though because with the latest finished models this unit is now 26 men strong and I think I have bits for 4-5 goldswords more or so, and I want this unit to be 40 men strong when finished.

As you can see on the first pic here Iv'e also made a new Horde movement tray for them, it's still WIP but it's all magnetized. That's all for today, also planning on some kind of unit filler for these so if any of you have any suggestions for a Greatswords unitfiller in a Garden of Morr'sque setting please let me now.  


  1. That's a great looking unit. I love the banner. As to the unit filler, there's a great statue in the Morr set. You could do a greatsword stopping to pray/bless himself at a shrine/statue to Morr? If you wanted to go full on crazy you could have a priest of Morr blessing a kneeling greatsword like the Christian priests used to do before soldiers went into battle?

    1. Thanks mate, and big thanks for the suggestions. The statue of Morr I already use for my War Altar but the idea with the kneeling soldier and Morr priest is great and something I definitely want to try out. I have the Handgunner kneeling before a Sigmarite Priest that I hadn't figured out what to use for. Just need some converting, have to check that one out when I get home.


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