Monday, 17 March 2014

Miniature Monday: Bauhaus commander Angelika Drachen finished

For a woman of such young age and understated beauty one may be forgiven for underestimating Angelika's military credentials and battlefield prowess. Drachen though will not forgive you or you military inabilities, no matter your rank, sex or age. If you are the General of a Bauhaus force and you are failing you will pay and pay quickly with a bullet to the head, your forces will then move on to many great successes and honours. You will be quicly forgotten. They and she will not!

That text was taken from the Warzone: Ressurection site and I thought it was nice to have some sorts of introduction to this woman, which is the commander and lord model in the Bauhaus Starter set for WZ:R. I haven't seen her in the Mutant Chronicles universe before so I think it's a new character.

As a model I like it for it's simplicity, you get the head I used and another helmeted version which is probably much easier to paint. However I wanted to try to paint a woman's face, because I haven't done that in years and is something I don't think I'm particularly good at. This one turned out okey I think, it's a hard model to paint because the details is so tiny, and many of them I didn't even see or recognise what it where until I looked at her artwork in the Rulebook. 

And down below you can see how my Bauhaus force is looking right now, in the pipeline is a test model for my Venusian Rangers and five more Hussars to complete my Bauhaus Starter set. 

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