Monday 10 March 2014

Miniature Monday: First new Dwarf Hammerer finished!

Well actually it's even the first of the new dwarf models that is finished, and I choose a Dwarf hammerer because I have to start somwhere and I will paint up 19 more in the first batch and then probably 10 more. So I wanted to to know how I will paint them, and as my army is is mainly red and black I of course wanted to incorporate these colours here as well.

It turned out I choose mainly red though as I wanted to try to paint Dwarfs in colours they aren't  seen in that often, so I present you the first of hammerer of my Red Guard, protecting their lord and king Belegar Ironhammer.

I'm not totally sure on the theme yet so any suggestions or comments are very much welcome. One thing is sure though, I will post a tutorial on how I painted this guy very soon.


  1. Looks fantastic, I'm waiting for tutorial...

  2. Splendid! Could you do another tutorial sometime on eyes? I suck at them, I'm always looking for tips.


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