Friday, 28 March 2014

Warriors of Chaos: Special Choices

WoC have quite a lot of Special choices, but one thing that I think stand out with WoC's special choices is how many different unit types you have, you have chariots like the Gorebeast and Warshrine (kind of), monsters like Chimeras, really heavy troops in the Chosen, really fast cavalry with the Hellstriders, Chaos Knights, monstrous infantry with the Trolls and Ogres and even Monstrous Beasts in the Dragon Ogres. So that's almost all the units types you can have just in the Special's.

Sadly a lot things are much better than others, but as WoC is a really tough army as it is you can take any of these and still win a lot of games. I have models for all of the Special choices but I have't painted up so much yet. But here's what Iv'e got painted so far.


First of the things I painted in the army was this guy. I actually really like the sculpt (many people do not) but I will convert my second one when I start on him. I went with a mostly light blue on this guy and some transitions to other colours on two of the heads. In the end I like how he turned out.

Gorebeast Chariot of Nurgle

I painted this guy for a long time, mainly due the fact I didn't know how to keep him blue but also look like a follower of Nurgle. In the end he looks like this, quite happy with the result but may redo some of the rust etc.

Chaos Trolls

Trolls is awesome in this edition and the Chaos Trolls in no exception, especially not when Throgg is around as well. So I have to do a big unit of these monsters, and at first I will do a unit of twelve. I'm not there yet but some of them is finished and I have the rest of the troll models (mostly River Troll models) just need to build, convert and paint the rest. Which is no small task as I want to take my time on each of these lovely models.

Dragon Ogres

The new Dragon Ogre models was one of the best looking units in the last WoC release, so I just had to get them. Waited quite a while before I started to paint one of them but I'm happy with the end result. Just one models is finished so far but there will be at least three when this unit is done.

Chaos Ogres

Sadly no popular choice despite them not actually being that bad. I bought eight Irongut models that I want to convert a little and paint up as Chaos Ogres. I choose a blue tone on these as well as the rest of the army but will only paint eight pointed stars and what not and use them with any mark I want, not just Tzeentch. Only the standard bearer is finished so far and you can see him below, hopefully I will have a nice unit of eight before the year is finished.

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