Friday, 12 December 2014

First issue is out! Cartel Tactical Centre - a fan-made magazine covering Warzone: Resurrection

As said in the title this is a fan-made digital magazine covering WZ:R. It's all sorts of stuff in there from like True Colours, where we will see different peoples armies (and I must say I'm quite proud that for this very issue my Bauhaus is showcased here), Tactics Workshop where we get tactical advice to use on the battlefield, Mass Production where you get brand new stories on things happening in the Mutant Chronicles universe, you also get Battle Reports, rumours and intel from Prodos Games themselves (Rob Alderman) and much more. Please do check it out, and if you like it help spread the word! 

Don't I recognize these models from somewhere? :P

A lot of useful stuff for you WZ:R players out there and inspiration for you who haven't got into the game just yet. 


  1. Fantastic news! I hope it will have strong society-creating effect...

  2. I hope that too, it's a great magazine.


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