Thursday, 4 December 2014

News: Only 30 hours to go on the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter!

There are not many hour left on this very promising looking Sc-fi Miniatures game. The project is funded since a long time time and now it's all about breaking more of those Stretch goals to make this deal even better.

Check out their latest update below to see what to pledge and what you get for freebies. And go and support this game it looks awesome and I hope this game will see a bright future.

Hello everyone,
Fallen Frontiers is heading into its last 48 hours of funding, and so we decided to write up a little re-cap of what this campaign is all about.

The Game

This Kickstarter was made to fund the Fallen Frontiers game, a two-player sci-fi miniatures game where powerful heroes meet in futuristic battles. The game features highly strategic gameplay and deep player customization, making for a fast-pace and tactical experience.
Through the customization of a deck of cards, and the deployment of heroes the players can change up how their army plays, shifting and adapting strategies depending on the situation. These heroes provide boosts to their squads, meaning that by simply swapping out a hero your same units will behave differently and you gameplay style will change.
We have posted a few gameplay examples already, which you can find here:

The Box

Everyone who buys the game box will get an Exclusive Kickstarter Limited Edition box, which features special cover art, and comes with a numbered backer certificate and set of four faction post cards.
The box has everything you need to get started with Fallen Frontiers, and comes with miniatures, bases, scenery, cards, counters, the rulebook, a ruler and dice. This box is customizable, allowing you to choose one of six possible combinations of armies.
Depending on your choice you will get either 33 or 38 high quality resin miniatures, from basic troopers to mighty heroes. Note that if you select a combination of armies with a total of 38 miniatures, you will have to add $15 to your pledge.
You can see everything you get in the box and what your army choices are here:

Additional Free Content

Since the launch of the campaign we have unlocked various things through Stretch Goals and our Black Friday deals.
This means that in addition to your pledge you will get Free Heroes, a Painting DVD, a Narrative Campaign, Scenic Bases, and more, depending on your pledge levels.
With so much extra content, it might become difficult to grasp exactly what comes with which pledge, and so we have put together this image to give you a better understanding of what you are getting:

Heroes And More

As you can see some of the pledge levels come with extra heroes that are not part of the Starter Box, and we give you the opportunity to choose which heroes you want.
Any Hero worth up to $15 may be picked as one of your choices, regardless of what factions you have taken for your Starter Box. If you run out of free hero selections you can also buy more heroes by adding their value to your pledge amount.
You can see all heroes that you may choose from here:
There are plenty of other things you can buy to expand your army. There is a wide selection of special units that are not included in the Starter Box, there are Vehicles for all factions, and there are other things such as Scenery Packs, Scenic Bases, and more.
You can see all add-ons that you can purchase here:

The Last 48 Hours

So you got your Starter Box, you’ve picked whatever Heroes and Add-ons you wanted... and now what?
You can find a ton of background story for the various heroes, factions and more directly from our website:
We still have some hidden things that we have not revealed yet, and the campaign is far from over, so let’s smash a couple of stretch goals and find out!
Thank you all for your support.

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