Thursday, 25 December 2014

Warzone: Resurrection Demo Video check it out! Oh and Merry X-mas folks!

Yeah sorry not a proper X-mas greeting this year but I have just been so busy this December. Hopefully I will come around and do some more blogging in 2015, I will sure try :)

Other than that I also wanted you to check this video showcasing Warzone: Ressurection and what it's about. Really cool and much better than the ones GW's usually are doing. Hope you like it as I did. Also big thanks to every one of you readers out there. I hope I can bring you more content in the future that interests you. I really love the hobby and all of the community supporting it and just want to give something back with this blog.

So cheers once again, and happy holidays and see you soon.

Oh and here's the Zombie Zanta as well. :P I will do a new Santa model for next year I promise!

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