Monday, 1 December 2014

Miniature Monday: Bauhaus Venusian Rangers finished!

Been hard at work completing one more unit this week, and it's non the less than the Venusian Rangers. Compared to the new models these look far as good but I still like them, even though they where a pain in the ass to paint up.

The reason for this mainly some really rough areas that where hard to fix and get a smooth surface. Mainly the shoulder pads where a problem and it does not get easier when covering it up with paint, using whites.

These where hastily painted up because I had a deadline to catch which I will talk more about in the near future. But I think I need to add some more paint to these on some areas and fix the eye lenses. But until then these pictures will have to do, still happy with how they turned out in the end and I like how the camo on the cloaks looks. That's all for now, comments are as always much welcome!


  1. Love the helmets on these guys. Remind me of a more sinister looking necron! Lovely work on the cloak camo. Looks really nice!

    1. Thanks Greg! I agree really cool helmets but the new Venusian Rangers are even better!


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