Friday, 2 January 2015

My 2014 recap and future projects

2014 was an eventful year for me both personally (I got my second daughter in Mars 31st) and hobby wise because this was the year I painted more non-GW models than I have done totally in my hobby career before. This has much to do with the release of Warzone: Resurrection which I focused on this year.

My Bauhaus force will grow even bigger in the coming year. 

No Painting Challenge? 
I didn't do an painting challenge last year, I don't think I would top 2013 anyway. But this is mainly due that I now paint models from different systems that so the Points system I used from WHFB and 40K didn't really work.

I will however do something else, that I have seen many other blogs do. Keep a tab on how many models you paint. And how many you bought over the year.

So how did I do this year then?

WZ:R Bauhaus
10 Hussars
1 Vulkan
1 Angelica Drachen
1 Max Steiner
5 Venusian Rangers
5 Etoles Mortant
2 Vorreiters
3 Juggernauts

= 28 models

WZ:R Dark Legion
1 Alakhai the Cunning
1 Razide
10 Undead Legionnaires
2 Necromutant Leaders

= 14 models

WZ:R Imperial
1 Greyhound LAFV
3 Golden Lions
1 Hurricane Walker
5 Blood Berets
10 Trenchers
2 Imp. Commanders
1 Brigadier P.D. Rist

= 23 models

WHFB: Warriors of Chaos
1 Throgg the Trollking
4 Chaos Trolls
1 Dragon Ogre
1 Chaos Ogre
18 Nurgle Warriors (rep)

= 25 models

WHFB: Dwarfs
20 Clansmen (HW/Sh)
1 Grudge Thrower (and three crew)
1 Gyrocopter
1 Cannon (and three crew)
1 Hammerer

= 30 models

WHFB: Empire
1 Captain
10 Handgunners
10 Crossbowmen

= 21 models

X-Wing: Miniatures Game
1 X-Wing
1 Tie Fighter

= 2 models

Total number of painted model 2014 is: 143

This is if I just count every piece as a single model, regardless if it's a big monster, character or just an normal infantry model. So this can vary very much depending on what models I paint up. I might do another system where a character is worth 3 models, a monster 5 etc. as they take more time to paint up. But for now this is what Iv'e achieved. Less than expected I must say but there are many models in there where I took a lot of time to paint, like Throgg, the Gyrocopter etc. So I'm happy with the result non the less and I think I can beat this quite easily this coming year.

Future Projects
I must try to do one project at a time and get that finished and then move on to the next one, easier said than done for me though.

My main focus in 2015 will still be Warzone: Resurrection. But as I get more and more models finished I hope I can get in more projects for different game systems. I have a lot of almost finished units for both my Empire and WoC armies that I want to get completed. I also want to paint up some Deadzone this year, 

List of hobby commitments for 2015 

Warzone: Resurrection
Finish my Imperial Force, including some new models that will arrive in the year. 
Finish my Bauhaus Force
Paint up some more Dark Legion
Start to paint up my Cybertronic and maybe even Brotherhood

Warhammer Fantasy

Finish my unit of 15 Knights of the Black Rose (10 left)
Finish my Celestial Hurricanum
Finish my unit of 40 Greatswords (14 left)
Finish my unit of 20 Spearmen
Finish my unit of 40 Flagellants (10 left)
Paint up some characters, Karl Franz, Wizards a Witchhunter

Warriors of Chaos
Finish my unit of 3 Dragon Ogres (2 left)
Finish my unit of 12 Chaos Trolls (7 left)
Paint my Nurgle Daemon Prince
Build and paint up two Nurgle Chariots
Finish three Chaos Spawn
Finish unit of 5 Chaos Nurgle Knights (4 left)
The Glottkin

Daemons of Chaos
Finish unit of 25 Plaguebearers

20 Ironbreakers
1 Runesmith
20 Hammerers
1 Organ Gun

Paint up a Enforcer Faction starter
Paint up a Plague Faction Starter
Build and paint up a lot more terrain

One of the Empire Units I want to get finished, 14 models left.

Quite a lot of stuff, but better to hope to achieve all this even if I doubt it. I will proably paint up some other stuff than the things listed here as well. And I have several projects already started which I want to get finished, that is my main goal.

That is all for now, I hope to bring you a lot more stuff on the blog the coming year. With more tutorials and also more youtube clips from me.


  1. That's quite a collection of painted, and quite a to do list! Looking forward to it all! Happy new year!

    1. Thanks Greg and sorry for the late reply, haven't done anything on the blog for some time now :( I will try to change that though.


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