Thursday, 1 January 2015

News & Rumours: Verminlord and info sighted!

So next End times book is about mainly Skaven and the coming of the Horned Rat. So what will be be seing as models to accompany this? Vermin Lords of course and they will probably be a lot better in-game than the previous versions.

Translated info taken from Faet 212:

All 5 Verminlords have a 5+ ward and 6 wounds

Deceiver 500pt, must take skitterleap but rerolls cast attempts, -1 to shoot at, has shooting attack

Corruptor 500 pt, must take plague but rerolls cast attempts, paired weapon with asf

Warbringer 550 pt, must take death frenzy but rerolls attempts, paired weapon with doomglaive d3 wound

Warpseer 500 pt, must take warp lightning but rerolls attempts, +1 ward save while he has his orb, orb is a thrown weapon that is a template

Lord Skreetch Verminking is 650, always has 13th and rerolls casting attempts, has 2 weapons 1 asf 1 doomglaive chooses each turn

Stats for all of them vary slightly

There are also a few passages in the WD hinting at Grey Seers summoning Vermin Lords...

The Verminlords kit looks like it is on a square base possibly? Very hard to tell.

Since the Verminlords doesn't choose his plague spell I can take a plague priest and double up on Plague. Nice!

There is also a one page article on "the risk of summoning" vermin lords, and a story when Thanquol tried to summon one & summoned Skarbrand

Pictures from El taller de Yila

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  1. I just love all the fantasy releases. Makes me want to switch game systems they look so cool!


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