Sunday, 19 July 2015

Review: Age of Sigmar Starter Box- Part 1 Unboxing

I'm a little late here, but I didn't want to go with just an little unboxing for the new AoS Starter but rather a full review of it, the components, about the new rules fluff etc. So to do this it will take some time. So I will do this review in parts, and first of all lets go trough what you get in the box (all of you know these already but hey got have in there)

Really nice box cover

At the back you can see what you get in the box, nice and clean.

All the components in the box.

You get two of this sprue with both Liberators, Prosecutors and Marau....ehm Bloodsreavers.

GW shows us once again why they are the best modelmakers in the world when it comes to plastic,.

Where you have to cut out the parts is most often on the best possible places to avoid damaging the model, the hardest onces is the helmets for the Liberators.  

Here we have the "command" and monster sprue for the Chaos models

It does takes a lot of time to cut out every parts and glue them together but most of the models are easy to put together.
Under the sprues we have the big bases, dice and transfer sheets. And of course the books.

Manual for putting your models together

It does it's job as good as it should be, the sprues are marked with letters both for the parts but also for the different sprues so you know you are looking on the right sprue. 

At the back you see all the models built.

The rule"book" on four pages, nicely laid out. 

You don't get any graphic examples like we are used to. But the rules is so simple that in most cases it isn't needed at all. More about the rules in a later part of this review. 

The campagin book you get is 96 pages.

Lovely and of course new artwork trough the book.

You get some history, extra info about the armies (especially the Stormcast Eternals) not like an army book but will get more of this in later campaign/scenario books I'm sure.

You get some variant painitng schemes and easy painting tutorials for both armies. 

You get six easy scenarios meant to make you learn how to play the game.

There's some old models in the book as well, all nicely painted of course. 

And you get the Warscrolls for everthing that comes in the box.

Warscrolls in the book is nice but it would have been even better if we could have had them on separate cards or something. When I played against a friend of mine we had to flick trough the scrolls and give the book back and forth between us. 

Almost done with the Khorne models as well but here's the full army of Stormcast Eternals. Looks really nice I must say.
That's all for this part, more in depth about the different things in the box will come in later parts so be sure to come back for that. 


  1. Love how the sticks actually have nice marks on them. Hadn't seen that yet.

    1. They are really nice actually, much better than old red ones


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