Thursday, 2 July 2015

News: Age of Sigmar - More leaked pictures, info about the new world and more

Still much to process about this new game as we get more and more info. Here's more about the new world and the realms. We also can see Warscrolls Battalions, which looks like something similar to formations in 40k.

Also the new names on the races which has been rumored looks to be true. All pics and info below comes from @Lady_Atia, big thanks to her for all this info and pictures.

We have the these "factions"

Order - Death - Chaos - Destruction

Order faction: Stormcast Eternals, Duardin, Red Slayers, Aelfs, Seraphon

Forces of Destruction: Ogors, Orruks, Grots

Nagash is still there

Sigmar - the God-King and Ruler of the Heavens. His armies of Stormcast Eternals strike out to reclaim the lands ...

The steamhead duardin are a grim folk, yet sturdy allies. The red slayers, are looked upon less, for their help can only be secured by gold.

The aelf forces are more wayward still - they prove deadly when they march out of their hidden strongpoints, yet none can predict when ...

Most enigmatic of all are the seraphon - reptilian warriors that appear out of nowhere to join the battle against Chaos.

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