Tuesday, 2 August 2011

News: Ogre Kingdoms Pictures

Okey, you have probably already seen them because they are all over the warhammer sites, forums and blogs right now. And I must say the stuff is awesome I recently got a couple of Ogres from my brother who don't have the time to paint them, haven't checked it all out but I think there's two boxes of bulls, one of ironguts and one with leadbelchers, one box of gnoblars, some trappers, a butcher and a Tyrant. So enough for quite a good start on an Ogre army actually, the question is: Do I need a sixth Fantasy army? no. Do I want one? yes. Do I have the time for painting one more army? no way.

So even if I got real tempted by the new models, I'll pass at least for the moment. But I think pretty much everyone into Fantasy battles think these are awesome models and that Ogre Kingdoms really deserves some more good looking models and a new army book. I also like the new skintone the Eavy metal team has come up with for these models, really disliked the old grey greenish skintone in the previous book.

Pictures are from the Ogre Rumouirs MK.II thread on Warseer.


  1. I love how you've actually given some personal thoughts about the new release...not just copy and pasted like a lot of the bigger sites.

  2. Glad you think that, didn't know if anyone was really interested in my thoughts about these sort of things. At least one is :)

  3. Sharing your personal thoughts with your readers is very important IMHO, and just copying and pasting news to a blog without including your take on it is a missed opportunity to connect with your readers. I'm hoping to include more of my own hobby experiences on my blog in the future...in hopes of doing just this. What'cha think???

  4. Totally agree with you, and I would find it really interesting to read more about your own hobby experiences. So go for it!

  5. Cool! Thanks for the feedback...could you recommend a tutorial on miniature photography?

  6. You mean on the web, I can't I remember seeing a good one a couple of years ago but can't remember where.

    I can give you a quick tip though, really good lighting, and white lights not yellow or something as the colours won't turn out as they should. A good camera is of course a benefit as well, but mine isn't that great and Iphone and other phone cameras makes a decent job as well.


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