Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Showcase: Chaos Hellcannon finished!

So at last, my Hellcannon is finished. I took quite some time but in the end I like the result and Iv'e also learned quite a lot of what I should and shouldn't do when I paint the next one. Like for example, don't assemble the whole thing. Get all the basic colours and as much as you can paint before you assemble the model, it will make things that much easier. Also, bend all the parts in the right shape before anything else. I forgot to do this on one large part of this model and it makes it look a little strange but now it is to late to fix so...

Anyhow, I'm currently moving to another apartment so not much painting or anything will get done the next two weeks or so as I will focus the move. Will try to do some updates here though, until then these pictures of my Chaos Hellcannon will have to do, hope you like and as always, comments and criticism is very welcome.


  1. Really nice job. Great basing too, the snow basing is not something everyone can pull off. Nice crew too!

  2. This beast looks really scary :)

  3. Very nice! Do I see some subtle OSL?

  4. loved the blues on the crew mate, good job.

    too bad GW changed the base size to 150x100 though. it looks kinda small on such a huge base.

  5. Thank you very much guys! :)

    Mr Saturday - Agree, the snow base is hard to pull of but I'm starting to get the hang of it and it's nice to have some different looking base for a change.

    Minitrol - You mean on the horns? Yeah some subtle OSL effects I guess :P Just did as they had painted the model on the box, worked out quite nice though.

    BuRock - Yeah I do look a bit small on the arachnarok base. Dunno which base would have been better though. It does look a bit smaller on my model though as I placed the cannon a little to much in the front of the base, will do it differently on the next one.

  6. I know it's old but any chance of a how to for your rusted metals and bronzes?


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