Monday, 11 February 2013

The Empire: First five Knights of the Black Rose finished

So the first row (well except the Preceptor) is finished for my knight bus. As you may have seen before they are from the knightly order of the Black Rose and I like hoe the unit is turning out now when I changed some colours around. Please let me know what you think.

The last knight I have finished. Now I just need to convert and paint up nine more :P


  1. The colour scheme's wicked man. They look very evil, I actually mistook them for some kind of cool vampire counts minis (which in my book is a good thing!) making them look really different from any other empire I've seen. Great work!


  2. That purple barding is great, What colours did you use if you dont mind me asking?

    Also is that hourglass on the most left hand knight?

  3. Phil - Thank you, glad you think that as that was the look I was going for. As a Morr devoted chapter they should look grim and fearsome.

    Static - Of course not ask me anything ;) The Purple is quite simple really. Liche Purple (the old GW colour but haven't seen any that look better in my opinion) and then a AP Dark Tone wash (Nuln Oil works the same) then re highlight the purple again with Liche Purple and then do thin layers with Warlock Purple to work up the highlight.

    About the hourglass you mean on the horse on the most left? I paint them on here and there in this unit as it is a mark of Morr.

  4. Are they basic empire knights, or is there conversion work involved? I recognize the banner, but the colour scheme has thrown me for the most part.

  5. I put some quite extensive conversion work into all of these. The basic horse bodies are Chaos Knights, then there are Emp knight parts, Outrider/Pistolier parts, Demigryph knight parts and quite a lot of green stuff work as well.

    So now I need to build some more of them :)

  6. Thanks for describing the purple, will definately be trying that soon.

    Yeah sorry about my illegible question about the hourglass. I meant to ask if the hour glass on the left most night was done freehand, as if it is (which I'm assuming it is from your reply) then you've done a great job :-)

  7. No problem mate I hope it works out for you. Yea the hourglass is freehand, and thank you for the nice reply:)


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