Monday 2 January 2017

Tzeentch pictures from Jan 17 White Dwarf!

Just got my latest issue of White Dwarf today, and there's a lot of Tzeentch goodies in there. Just the first couple of releases so far but also a lot of info about the new Faction for Age of Sigmar. Thought I'd share the pictures from all the Tzeentch stuff, hopefully this gets you as excited as I am.

Really decent prize tags!

We see some Tzaangor Skyfires as well

Fighting against Free Guild and Devoted of Sigmar

Cool art of the Kairic Acolytes

Lovely artwork here! And we are seeing classic dwarfs..ehm Duardin which looks like Ironbreakers and even Gyrocopters.

A lot of options for the Tzaangor, including a banner which isn't that common in newer AoS kits.

Lovely artwork, left one is a Silver Tower.

Back of the magazine shows an Tzeentch army in all it's glory. Added Slaves to Darkness units as well!

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