Tuesday, 28 September 2010

News: Warhammer Forge

A long time there have been a rumor about a new Forgeworld divison focused on WHFB, and now they have showed their stuff at Games Day and I'm quite impressed I must say. The name is Warhammer Forge and they are going to do pretty much what Forgeworld does but focused WHFB instead of WH40k. They will release miniatures in resin alongside the normal Citadel Miniatures and I hope upgrade kits to your normal miniatures.

So far they have showed a lot of stuff, much Nurgle (large toads, ogres etc.) many Chaos Dwarf war machines, Dragons, some empire stuff (which I love, but rumours says they may never be released :.( ) and more! I never where at Games Day I'm afraid so I can't post my own pictures but down below are two links where you can find plenty of pictures, also if you want to check out the latest rumours and discussions head over to warseer.


More pictures

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