Saturday, 13 August 2011

Painting: Savage Ogre is finished

Now I'm finished with the base and the Savage Ogre for my unit filler. Will just add a Savage Ogre to it as well and it's completed. I couldn't wait to show it so here it is! I think it turned out pretty cool, tell me what you think. Does anyone else just love making unit fillers?

Sorry that the pics aren't that great.


  1. That looks great. I have to say I'm rather fond of doing fillers myself.

  2. He looks pretty awesome, rather brutal and as you say savage looking. Great work!

  3. Thank you guys, glad you liked it. Yeah really like doing unit fillers too, it's one of those occasions when you just can let your imagination run wild.

    @Mr Saturday Would love to see them if you got any pics? Did see some great stuff on you CMoN Gallery but no fillers :(

  4. Wow - awesome !

    A savage Ogre ! Now there's something you don;t want to meet in an alley on a dark night - or in fact... anywhere :)

    Extremely nice work Johan.


    PS. I don;t suppose I could persuade you to join the Warhammer Battle Reporter's forum could I ?

  5. Great work! I really love the white face paint...makes him look really nuts! Excellent work on the base as well...can't wait to see the entire unit finished!

  6. @Sigmar No need for persuasion just haven't come around and registered, but now I have and I'm just waiting for confirmation. It looks like a really nice forum and I'm happy you asked me to join.

    @FBroundup Thank you mate, I'm currently working on the rest of the unit so you might not need to wait that long :).

  7. Nice work, looking forward to seeing the big bruiser with the rest of his unit.

    I'm working on some fillers for my Lizardmen right now. Hopefully I'll have the first one built soon and then I can get some pics up on my blog.

  8. @Alex Nice, looking forward seeing them, great blog btw just added it to my blog roll.


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