Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Review: White Dwarf 380

I have for some time wanted to make reviews as a bigger part of the blog, and when the latest and beforehand much discussed issue of White Dwarf arrived yesterday I just felt the urge to write a little review.

So what is so special about this issue then? First and foremost, there's actual usable content and additions for both Fantasy and Wh40k rules wise in this issue, and I cant even remember the last time that happened. So what's in it then? Here's some of it:

Offical new rules to supplement the Vampire Counts Army Book, here's rules for the new monster/mount Terrorgheist and there is now rules to use Cairn Wraiths and Banshees as heroes in your undead armies. Last time I can remember seeing a supplement to an army book in a WD as extensive as this was when the Steam Tank was released in 6th ed.

There's also a change for the Power Scroll magic item, a nerf that most felt was necessary. It now only halve the casting value for a spell and you can't boost that spell when using the Scroll.

There's aslo part one of two for an updated Codex for Sisters of Battle, some fluff, the army special rules and rules with stats for the squads and vehicles.

That's some of it, and there's a ton lot more, Painting Tutorals for the DE Black Dragon, some hints and tips using Sorcerous Pacts in Storm of Magic, a really nice and big SoM battle report with 3000 +750 pts battle between Vampire Counts and Empire. So a long story short, there's a lot of good reading in here and good looking pictures to back it up. This issue almost feels like the good old days when WD wasn't just a magazine filled ads for GW products. And it really makes WD more usefull and fun to read as well, this is definitely the right direction to go. 

4 out of 5


  1. Thanks for the review...I may need to pick this one up!

  2. Yeah I think you have to ;) This issue really had a lot of stuff at least I was interested in, and to finally get some really useful stuff as well is just great.


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