Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Painting: Unitfiller and Savage Orcs finished!

Haven't posted anything new for a while, but today I'm home alone with my baby so when she as sleep I can do some warhammer stuff. Anyway, yesterday I finished five new Savage Orcs and one for the Unitfiller which is now officially finished!

Must say they are really fun to paint, which is lucky because I have some more to paint. With the Ogre unitfiller I got nineteen painted Savage Orcs and I want a unit of at least thirty and later forty in horde formation. So here they are, next time I got some WIP shots of some Empire and Chaos Warrior stuff.


  1. I like that you have used two different colours for the war paint...shows an extra effort!
    How big of a unit are you going to make?

  2. Thanks guys, quite happy with how the unit is turning out. I've got only two boxes so far, I'm going to finish them first so then I got 23 (because of the filler). But I'm going for a unit of 30 and later on maybe even 40.

  3. Great looking unit. The ogre goes great with the rest of the unit.

  4. Yeah, the ogre blends in with the rest of the unit quite well. Will be adding the mandatory Savage Orc Great shaman with a shrunken head to the unit as well. Still undecided what mini I will use though, really like the Wurzagh model but every one is using it and want a more unique alternative as well, any suggestions?


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