Saturday, 30 July 2011

WIP: Mangler Squig and Savage Ogre?!

Have continued to work a little with the my first mangler squig, but now when I've got the fanatics for them I will try to get them done faster. Anyway the things on his back is like fungi like spores, just to get a little more detail into him and if I remember correctly squigs eat mushrooms and I imagine this one have eaten a little to much and now needs a more meaty diet.

The other little project I wanted to show you is for a unit filler for my Savage Orcs, an Savage Ogre! As you can see I have kit bashed a little with bits from the Savage Orc box and Ogre Bull box. Also some minor GS work and there's still some things to do with him but I think he will be ready for the brush quite soon. Also planning on having at least one Savage orc on that large base so the unit won't look to sparse.

On the horizon for the blog I'm planning a little review of the Storm of Magic book as well some new minis I just had to buy, and more will be in the future I promise you. In the meantime check out Fantasy Battle Roundup with Mikes thoughts and hints of other great blogs about Storm of Magic.

I will also write down my thoughts about the Avatars of War Berserkers or as in the WHFB terms Dwarf Slayers and of course show you some pictures of how they look, even got one painted. Now on to the pics.


  1. Really love your Savage Orcs Johan, and so I'm looking forward to seeing how the Savage Ogre turns out! Also the spores on the squig are really awesome!

    And thanks for the shout out!

  2. No problems mate :) Yeah I'm very very happy with the look of my Savages. Will continue painting the next ten after I finished the Unit filler with the Ogre.


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