Sunday, 4 September 2011

Review White Dwarf 381

Now it's time for my second WD review and I liked this issue as well even if there weren't as much useful information this time. So what's in it? In short, Ogre Kingdoms! I don't think anyone into Fantasy Battles have missed out on what the next army release will be, and of course there's a lot focus on this in this issue of WD.

And as always they put a lot of effort in showing the new army at it's best. So loads of pictures, showing all the new shiny stuff like Mournfang Cavalry, new Scraplauncher, the Stonehorn and Thundertusk and my personal favourite the Firebelly! There's also the usual interview with authors and creators of the army book and the new models. Some rules are in there as well to show how the two new monsters work. All in all pretty good stuff, especially for OK players.

Then there are an Battle Report showing the newest fantasy armies, Ogre Kingdoms Vs Tomb Kings, haven't read this much yet though. There are some stuff besides Ogre Kingdoms as well, like some really cool new models for Dark Eldar, a LOTR monster tactica and part two of the not so popular WD Codex for Sisters of Battle and a with a Battle report vs Tyranids. There's also some more Fantasy stuff, a new Scenario based on the Garden of Morr, with rules for a Priest of Morr and two new models for fantasy which aren't Ogres, an Saurus Old blood and a Nurgle Chaos Lord.

That's pretty much what's in it this time, there are one thing I haven't mentioned yet though that have gotten some attention on the web. On one of the last pages there's normally a little hint of what's coming out next month. This time there's Wanted sign (artwork by John Blanche) with a Pirate Vampire. And rumours have been circling around that there's a new game that is going to be released soon, and apparently this game will be like the old GW game Man o' War, a ship based game in a 10 mm scale (edit: or not 10 mm, see end of review). Hopefully we will get more info on this in the next issue or the Internet. For more rumours surrounding this check this thread, beware though there's a lot of wish listing in there as well.

Anyway, quite nice issue this time but not as much useful information as the last issue.


Edit: Over at BoLs are some more rumours regarding the new sea based game

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