Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Painting Tutorial: Night Goblins x2 Versions

At last I managed to make a tutorial on how I paint my Night Goblins. As you may have seen before, my Night Goblins doesn't look like most. Their skin isn't green and their robes aren't all black, therefore I thought that maybe some of you may be interested in how I painted them and which colours I used.  I painted two different models, in the beginning they are painted the same, the difference is the shading part where I use Quickshade on one of them and normal Devlan Mud on the other. Just so you can see the little differences and that the tutorial works even if you don't want to use Quickshade.

Note: I use Citadel Colour paint in this tutorial, if you use other brands you maycan use this colour comparison chart over at DakkaDakka.

Cleaning and Priming
First of all you have to clean the model from mold lines, then I sprayed the model with Adeptus Battle Grey (using the not so great Citadel Spray Gun). Then I washed the whole model with Badab Black.

Main Colours
Next up is the main colours, a 70/30 mix of Machrite Red/Red Gore for the hood, Calthan Brown on the rope, his feet and his spear. For the face and arms I used Khemri Brown (this is the colour I use for all my ungreenskins), if you want a green goblin you can choose the colour you prefer instead of the Khemri Brown. Then I painted Boltgun Metal on the tip of the spear and around the shield and also on the little moonshaped thing on the rope.

Painting the detailed parts
Then I paint the more detailed parts, the moon on the shield in Dheneb Stone and Enchanted blue for the warpaint. For the yellow parts I used a mix of Iyanden Darksun and some Sunburst Yellow (maybe a 70/30 mix). I used the same for the eyes except I had in more Sunburst Yellow for a brighter colour. Then I painted the teeth with Skull White and just before I shade the whole model I actually highlight the warpaint witch a 70/30 mix of Ice Blue and Hawk Turquoise.

So far I have just showed you one model, but I actually painted one more up to this stage and now when we come to the shading part there are going to be some differences. On the one to left I will use Army Painters Quickshade Dark tone and on the right one just wash the whole thing with Devlan Mud. It's pretty much straight forward, spash on Quickshade using an old brush and with Devlan Mud, just paint the whole model.

I actually forgot to take pictures of the left one when it was only washed, I got a little carried away and made most of the highlights before this picture was taken.

When the quickshade and Devlan Mud have dried (takes about 24 hours for the quickshade) we are in the highlighting stage. On the left picture the model isn't highlighted yet and the right one is highlighted but not totally finished. The things I focus on is the yellow patterns on the hood, which I highlight with the same mix of Iyanden Darksun and some Sunburst Yellow as before the shading. The same thing goes for the the red parts of the hood, the face and arms, the blue warpaint and the moon on the shield, i.e. use the same colour combinations as you painted with before the shading.

Then you use a brighter colour for the final highlights, Skull white on the edges of the moon on the shield. Same blue mix with Hawk Turquoise and Ice Blue but this time with more Ice Blue. Sunburst Yellow for the edges of the yellow hood patterns and the eyes (be careful when with the eyes though, if you miss try to wash it out with water asap or try to conceal it with the right colour). Use Khemri brown mixed with a little Dheneb Stone on the tip of the nose, fingers and cheekbones. Then the final thing, Mithril Silver on the tip of the spear.

Now they are practically done, the model which was dipped with Quickshade also need a coat of Citadel Purity Seal to remove the gloss, sometimes I do this before I highlight and sometimes I don't.

Left one is finished, middle one is just dipped in quickshade and the left one needs skull white HL on the shield

I actually had some glossy effects left on the dipped models. Don't spray them to much with purity seal when this happens. Instead paint the glossy parts with Devlan mud or appropriate wash to get rid of the glossiness

Now there's one more thing to do, basing the models. Down below you can see what materials I used, first I painted PVA glue on the bases and put them in the sand. Use good sand, I just recently bought Citadel Sand and it's much better than the sand you get in a sandbox or similar and I really recommend to buy sand. It just looks so much better and is easier to use. Then I painted this with a mix of verminbrown and ochre paint, (I do different combinations everytime though) then I washed this with Devlan Mud and then Highlighted this with a little bit of ochre paint.

Then I use the different stuff on random places on the bases, try out different combinations, and take your time to make your bases nice, it's worth it.


Finished Night Goblins, just saw on these pics that I need to repaint the sides of the base with black.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed the tutorial. It may sound a lot more complicated when I describe all the steps than what it really is. But treat this tutorial just as a example how I paint my miniatures, and maybe you will find some parts that you like and wanna try out yourself.


  1. Enjoyed your tutorial, I like the way your gobbos turned out

  2. Thanks Alex, glad you enjoyed the tutorial :)


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