Friday, 2 September 2011

Empire Projects WIP:s

Here's another update with some of my projects for my Empire army, currently I don't do much with this army but even if it is my main army. But I got really exited when It struck me that I need a bsb, also I got a pretty nice deal from a Swedish retailer (Alphaspel) where I got 28 of the old one pose Halberdiers. Why I wanted them? I think they look pretty nice, and are simpler to paint than the new State troops which have to much details for soldiers that almost need to be 40-50 man strong.

 A test model for my Halberdier regiment

Beneath  are some pictures of the BSB I made, in 7th he was supposed to be on his horse and be putted in a unit. This isn't a great choice in 8th though, so he needed to be on foot instead. It's based on Ludwig Schwarzhelm with a little different beard, and the legs are from the Empire General/BSB kit and some other bitz. The hardest part was to remove the motif of the banner, this was the metal model not Finecast so I needed to file it down for quite some time and then smoth it up with Green stuff.

Next up is my General on a griffon, actually I haven't done anything with this one for years and the paint job is probably at least ten years old. But the idea is to get this done sometime and repaint the whole thing, do a new base and there's some more GS work to do as well.

Lastly a converted Handgunner champion with a Hochland Long Rifle, not much to say. Just a normal trooper with an green stuffed cloak.

Next update will be a little review of the latest WD with some Ogre Kingdoms goodies.


  1. Thank you Fnurgn, except for the bsb I haven't done much with my Empire lately. But I intend to at least paint him up quite soon.


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