Sunday, 18 September 2011

News: Dreadfleet is here!

I totally missed that that GW showed their new naval warfare game called Dreadfleet on friday, and I must say I'm really excited. It will be a while stock lasts release just as they did with Space Hulk. And that's fine I guess, it would be nice with additions of new ships and stuff in the future but as it is, this would probably not happen. I really like that GW still makes games other than the main systems, even if I would like a game that have more support like Mordheim! But this is better than nothing, and all the stuff in this box looks amazing.

The game isn't cheap but you seem to get quite a lot of stuff in the box and I must say, lovely models. I really like all the distinct ships with a lot of details and islands, dragons and a lot more. I think it will be a treat to paint these up. Haven't pre ordered one yet but I will as soon as I've done with this post.

There's a lot of more info on the Games Workshop webpage. So what do you think about this release? Was it what you expected? What do you think about these limited game releases?


  1. It looks tasty, but I wish it was expandable. I've seen no details on gameplay. I hate the way I want it already. Damn you GW, you play me like a fiddle.

  2. I agree with you on both accounts, just can't stand against mighty Games Workshop and all their must have products.

  3. The thing that really annoys me with it is that it's a "leap of faith" to buy a game about which so little has been revealed. And for £70 that's a fair old leap...

  4. It sure is. A little more info on gameplay would be lovely.


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