Thursday, 26 January 2012

Empire update: New Greatsword test model

Yeah repainted a Greatsword model again but this time I actually think that I'm satisfied with the result. I will probably have different variations of brown hats instead of red though. I wanted the Greatswords to look a bit different from the others to promote their higher status. And Ostermark mostly have purple/yellow or purple/white according the fluff so I went with this and changed the colour of the feather to make them look more different. You can compare it it here with how my my old scheme for them looked, I think the old one weren't colourful enough, and if one unit in the army should look bright and extravagant  it should be the Greatswords. So what do think?

And here's some pics of some work in progress, the swordsmen and some other stuff that need some repainting also a pic of my cabinet where I have some of the models I need to get done.


  1. I just started playing my Vampire Counts in earnest recently. I've got to say, Warhammer might be more fun to play than 40k. I heard it time and again before I started playing and never really believed it until I played my first fantasy game.

    Your test models look fantastic. Nice crisp details and you had good hand control on the eyes.

  2. Thx mate. I've always been more into fantasy, glad you like how it plays. I don't play games at all atm, but hoping I can start out doing that soon. Good luck with VC, it sure is a really nice army to collect right now.


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