Sunday, 1 January 2012

Khorne Marauder Unit filler Finished!

Happy new year everyone! Hoping for a great wargaming year once again, and I will continue painting all of my armies. Actually I want to paint my Empire again, and now in a new colour scheme, also there's some really cool new VC models I want so there's a lot of painting the coming year.

But now It's some more pictures of my upcoming Warriors of Chaos army and my Unit filler is finished! Also finished eleven Night Goblins which just needs some basing. I will make an sum up for 2011 and what to expect to see on the blog the coming year, but for now here's some pictures. Hope you like it.


  1. I like! The unit should be unbreakable, as you wouldn't want to have to run away past him!

  2. Hehe, completely agree with you. Hopefully my playing opponents do as well :P

  3. The tattoos and face paint on the marauder are great touches, nice work.


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