Monday, 16 January 2012

Review: White Dwarf 385

Hi, sorry this review are a little late, I also wrote the first part a couple of days ago before the VC book and the miniatures was released. Anyway here it is. This issue is mostly about the latest big realese, Vampire Counts. And first of all I must say that the new VC stuff looks great, and I will buy some of the new stuff later but right now the army book will have to do.

And of course they are showing off the new stuff a lot in this issue with all the usual stuff, battle report (a really nice one actually), showcasing the new miniatures and a lot of thext about the changes to the army. This is not a problem for me though, as VC is one of the armies I collect and really interested in. Also this was the first confirmed glimpse of all the stats and rules for the new VC stuff and some people immediately cried Powercreep. I say we wait until we all have seen the book and test played some games before judging

Anyhow there is some other stuff besides VC as well, like "official" rules for 'Civil War' games, for example Empire vs. Empire, VC vs. VC and so on. There's also two painting tutorials, one for the Ghorgon and one very useful one for the Mortis Engine. Not much for you Wh40k players, but there is a quite well made Tactica for Necrons. All in all a quite decent magazine and it was really interesting reading about the new rules for VC which I've heard so much different rumours about, if you're not that interested in the undead minions this issue may not be for you but there are some really nice pictures of the new stuff and some really good reading. Looking forward seeing what's in store in the next issue.

Rating: 3,5 out of 5


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  2. Thank you, glad you like it. Really liked your blog as well so now I'm following your blog as well and and also added it to my blog roll :)


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