Thursday, 12 January 2012

Orcs and Goblins Update: Ten more Night Goblins

As the title says, I have now finished ten more Night Goblins so now they are thirty in total, just twenty more. Luckily they are quite easy to paint and rather fun as well, normally I get bored when painting so many of the same model. So hopefully the unit will get ready quite soon even if I now have changed focus to my Empire army again.

Also took some pictures of army so far, just some Orcs and Spider Riders which are painted who is missing. Now it actually begin to look like an army! Have ordered some reinforcements for this army as well, ten more Savage Orcs and ten Black Orcs which will be fun to start to paint. Next update will be an Empire one or maybe a review of the latest WD.

C & C are as always much appreciated.


  1. Looking fantastic mate.

    Is the plan to fill up that whole movement tray? What is it, 50 models? 60?

  2. Excellent, that unit looks great. I love the detailing on the hoods.

  3. Thx guys and to answer your question Lenny; I plan you fill up the whole tray and that will make it a 50 model strong unit, there's some space left behind them but not enough to make it 60. Love the look of that big units, but it takes a lot of time to paint.

  4. I know but they do look fantastic when they're done.


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