Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What happens in 2012?

2011 was a really good year, especially for Warhammer Fantasy players. Three new army books, O&G, TK and Ogres. Haven't read the last two but from what I've heard they are really nice and balanced books as the O&G one. The O&G book is great and I really like the Hard cover books. There's been some more books as well, Storm of Magic which I really like. And two other books, Blood in the Badlands which I got for Christmas and Tamurkhan which I will buy soon (it's a really great book from what I've heard).

There's also been an exciting year for Wh40k players, Grey Knights, Necrons and more Dark Eldar stuff. And most models for both of the systems have been really great looking.

So what is happening in 2012 then? I don't know really, the rumours says all sort of things but some of them seems more solid. For WHFB it's VC now in Jan, after that it's unsure but it looks like Empire, Dwarfs, WoC and Dark Elves may get some things this year. But 2012 is probably going to be a Wh40k year with an expected release of 6 ed. in the summer. Rumours also suggests there will come some new Codexes this year and the release schedule may look like this according to rumours. Chaos Space Marines, Tau and Black Templars and maybe after this or somewhere in between Eldar. So no Dark Angels for some time it seems, fortunately it seems like I get plenty of new releases for my WHFB armies so I can stand the wait for the Dark Angels.

For me there's a lot going on already this year. Even though I'm really excited about the new stuff for VC I think I wait a little before I buy any of the new kits, at least until I've painted more of the models I already have. The Armybook I will buy asap though.

My main focus painting and modelling wise right now is actually my Empire. I haven't done anything with them for quite some time but suddenly felt the urge to repaint some and paint some new minis. So I have changed theme a little, looks and fluff to... Ostermark! So expect some more Empire stuff coming soon. I will of course continue on my WoC and O&G armies as well, and maybe some VC here and there.

Here's a my painting projects the coming months.

Partly repaint my 40 man Swordsmen
Partly repaint my 5 Outriders
Paint a BSB
Paint 2 Mortars, 1 Cannon, 1 Helblaster and 1 Helstorm Rocket Battery
Paint and convert 1 Elector Count of Ostermark.
Paint 40-50 Halberdiers

The repainting will not take much time as there's only one colour that needs repainting. BSB is good under way already and I've started on the Halberdier unit and one Mortar.

Warriors of Chaos:
Finish my unit of 18 Tzeentch Warriors
Finish my unit of 40-50 Khorne Marauders
Finish my unit of 10 Warhounds

Nine Warriors is finished already, so just the other half left, five marauders is finished including the Unit filler but more is under way. Three warhounds is already done so just seven more to complete the two units of five Warhounds.

Orcs & Goblins:
Finish my unit of 40 Savage Orcs
Finish my unit of 50 Night Goblins
Finish my mounted Savage Orc Shaman
Convert and paint a Savage Orc Boar Chariot
Finish the Howdah for the Arachnarok

Nineteen S.orcs is painted and finished already, need to buy and paint some more. Thirty N. Goblins is pretty much finished, eleven of them just needs basing. The shaman is almost ready and have been for a while just needs some finishing touches and some dipping.

Guardians of the Covenant:
Nothing at the moment

Haven't been painting much 40k at all the past year. Just lost interest in them, may be coming back but as of now the only thing I have done recently for 40k is an attempt at making my own chapter. If I find it cool I may paint some more stuff.

Vampire Counts and Dwarfs:
Will try to paint some things here and there when I feel like it, some Zombies and some Ghouls for VC and maybe some characters and maybe finish my converted Gyrocopter.

As you can see there's quite some minis to paint. Will try not to buy to much minis before I paint the ones I have. Next update will be some more pictures of my projects, hope some of you found this post a little interesting. For myself this is great as I press myself to actually finish these things and hopefully make it as fast as possible.


  1. Looking forward to seeing even more stunning paint jobs, especially for your Warriors of Chaos!

  2. Currently there's mostly Empire stuff going on right now, but more WoC is on it's way to as well :).


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