Sunday, 8 April 2012

Review: White Dwarf 388

I was a long time ago I was this eager to get my issue of White Dwarf, and reason spells The Empire. Just a couple of days before we saw the first pictures taken from WD on the new models, but I so wanted to see them in print and with all the text and details. And as always GW focuses a lot on the new army coming but this time there actually weren't much info at all aside from we already have heard. Some stats regarding Karl Franz riding his Deathclaw and some info about the new units but not much explaining at all about new rules for the army not even a word from the author of the what he thought about when he wrote the book, which I normally found an really interesting read.

A lot of info and stuff which could have been there was probably not in this issue because of another really big release. The new paint range.And they are giving quite a lot of space for the the new Paint range, which is understandable as they are now changing all their paints and gives us all the 145 new ones. There's some really nice little painting tutorials on how to the apply the different paints to get a nice result, they are showing all from orange armour Eldar Fire Dragons to white robes on an High Elf Archer. There's also a Painting Guide showing all the new paints you need for different things, like an Dark Angel, steel, bronze, bone etc. Really nice thing to have indeed, they are also explaning all the different kinds of paints, what they are for and so on.

Other than paints and Empire they are also giving 40k players something, and mini expansion called Battle Missions and in this issue showing scenarios and special rules when fighting on Death Worlds. And the battle report this month is the last months armes who got reinforcements, Space Wolves vs. Tyranids. (they are also showing an excellent painting tutorial for Space Wolves).

Here's also the last part (I think) of Civil War rules for WHFB with Empire, Skaven and Dwarfs and the Tale of four Gamers with LOTR continues. All in all a quite packed issue that I think most people will like and find interesting. Sure I as an Empire player felt a little let down with not that much info regarding rules etc. But I think there will be more Empire stuff next month. There's plenty of guides and stuff which are really nice, I don't think it's essential bit it is really informative that most players/painters will benefit from.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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  1. i want updates for dark angels only other things i care less about. is there a way? -baw


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