Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Empire Update: Halberdiers, and some WIP projects

So another Empire update before the new releases, don't know if you have seen any of the rumours regarding the rules in the new book but apparently all state troopers except spearmen will cost one pt more in the future. Don't really fathom why they made this decision but even if these rumours are making spearmen a more viable choice I still think Halberds is the way to go and I will continue with this regiment without feeling it's a waste of time.

So six more troopers to the force, will try to have the two backrows with raised halberds if I can find enough  of them old spearmen which I have made all of these soldiers from. Just changed the weapons and made some head swaps.

And then are some WIP photos of my next artillery piece, the Mortar. I will finish this second Mortar with it's classic crew and metal mortar cannon even if it seems like the Mortar is getting a major nerf (rumours suggest it now is only S2 and will cost a lot more than before) so if I will get some games in the future I will probably leave the Mortars at home sadly.

Here's also a picture of 18 Greatswordsmen and as you can see I have used a metal primer for most of them to get them done quicker, works very well I must say.

I have now ordered a couple of things for my Empire army, the new army book of course, a Celestrial Hurricanum / Luminark of Hysh, two boxes of Demigryph Knights, the War Altar of Sigmar (wich I will convert into a War Altar of Morr) and the lovely new Witch hunter model. Have also ordered some more stuff, Instant mold more green stuff and a Gardern of Morr which I need for my conversion of the Altar. Really looking forward to get my hands on this stuff and I hope I get some more Empire stuff for my birthday because I really want that new Griffon as well.

If you like you can always help me out by buying some war gaming stuff from Total Wargamer, but if you want to do this be sure to use the banner below. I just made my first order from them and they sure have really good prices so go and check them out and if you buy something why don't you help me a little in the process ^^

That's all for now, next time I will probably post a review of the latest White Dwarf with all the nice Empire pictures in it. So until next time.


  1. I am afraid it is true. S2 (6)

    The Helstorm has also dropped in strength (didn't look at points TBH Never really care about points)

  2. Well points is quite a big deal though :P Dunno but the Helstorm sounds better than the mortar for it's points cost. It fires three small templates now right? From what Iv'e heard regarding the new book I'm not impressed at all but maybe we just need to re think how our Empire armies works.


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