Monday, 30 April 2012

Review: White Dwarf 389

I have been doing this in a little bit different format to try to make it easier to read and find what you are looking for, I also think this makes it easier to write as well. So instead of just writing a long text I have divided the test in to different categories. Tell me what you think about this and how I can improve it more.

New releases
It's 40k month in this issue amd we now get the second wave of Necron models. And there is some really nice stuff including the Triarch Stalker which looks like a big spider or insect, but Necron style of course. Next are some Fast Attack in form of Tomb blades which looks like a lot chunkier versions of the Dark Eldar Reavers. Not to fond of the look in these though even if the kit seems have a lot of alternatives when it comes to customisation . Then we have Canoptek Wraiths which are able to ghost in and out of reality, these are probably my favourites in this release and makes me think about the robots in the Matrix movies. Necrons also got Canoptek Spyders, upgrade packs, and Finecast characters. So a fine month for Necron players which now days have plenty of toys to choose from.

We also get some non necron stuff this month, finecasted Legion of the Damned marines and Chief Librarian Tigurius from Ultramarines chapter. And then we have the long awaited new Empire Battalion and what a let down in my opinion. They changed the 10 Greatswords for one Cannon/Mortar and didn't change the price I think. So you get less for the same price, you now get 20 State Troops. 10 x-bow/handgunners, the cannon or mortar and 8 knights. I just get the feeling GW want to sell as much as possible of the old stuff like the cannon and the now more or less ancient knights kit, hopefully because we will get some new ones in a second wave perhaps?

GW continues from the last issue with part of of the How to paint Citadel Miniatures, showing different examples on how to paint red power armour, green cloth and pink daemon flesh for example. I really liked this and makes easy to read (because there isn't much to read at all) steps and showing pictures of each step. This is great for all you who bought some of the new paints and don't know where to start.

There are also a special section for all the Empire states where you learn how to paint all of their uniforms, and as an Empire player I of course liked this very much. I wasn't impressed by how they painted the purple on the Ostermark soldier though, think it looked a bit dull for my taste.

Rules and Fluff
Once again more stuff for us Empire players, additional fluff and and some pictures (like in Uniforms and Heraldry) showing different orders and their Demigryph Knights, great stuff. We also got an quite extensive expansion for Storm of Magic called Tome of Battle, with a new scenario, three new spells for each battle magic school including embodiment for each lore where a model can transform into a form of avatar of that magic lore. There are also Grand Prayers for Warrior Priests to use in SoM and Relics (like an randomly determined magic item) for Witchhunters. Really nice to read and together with WH Forge shows that there is still a big support for SoM battles

For 40k we also get a article about a Necron attack on a Imperial planet, with an campaign surrounding this with rules and a scenarios and a map using Planetary Empires.

Still no Battle Report for Empire but there are some mini battle reports for each of the 40k scenarios as well as a final little battle report for the conclusion of the LOTR tale of four gamers. These smaller Bat reps are not bad but I like big real battle reports with many pictures how they move each turn and so on, so this section was a little let down for me.

I really liked this issue, even though I'm not an Necron player and won't buy any of the new releases this issue is packed with a lot of stuff, and usefull stuff even. I really like the painting tips, fluff and rules for Demigryphs and SoM. And all the Necron stuff is really interesting as well, so all in all really nice issue this month.

Rating: 4 out of 5  


  1. Your review aligns with my own. White Dwarf is such an odd beast at the moment. Its careens between being a glorified catalogue and an actual magazine with content. I even preferred the advertising in this one - at least it was relevant!

    In regard to the splash release I think if was to actually play 40K Necrons might be a goer I like almost all the new models and the army finally has character!

  2. Totally agree with you there, it really have it's up and downs atm but I think that it generally have gotten better the last year or so. And yeah, Necrons has really gone from a quite dull army to a really characterful one with a lot of toys and much better fluff now as well.


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