Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Empire Update: War Altar of Morr finished!

At last this model is finished, I've worked long and hard to get this model done. So it feels extra nice now when it's finished, and I can start to concentrate on other projects again.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, may add some more roses to chariot and statue in the future but as of now this will have to do.

When I've taken the pictures and loaded into my computer I discovered one thing I had forgotten though, the Horn of Sigismund making the chariot cause Terror for 10 pts extra. Of course there is a horn in the kit and I had base coated it but I've then forgotten to get it done and attach it to War Altar. So this I will do asap and then move on to other stuff, like paint more of my Demigryphs, some Archers and convert and paint up more of my Inner Circle Knights.

That's all for now, tell me what you think. Does it look like a War Altar dedicated to Morr? And does the Morr High Priest (or Arch Lector) fit in with the rest of the model? As always all comments are very  welcome.


  1. I think it looks awesome! The priest definitely fits and the little details make him stand out, and you'd almost never think he was a 40k model. The skull on the hood is a very nice touch.

    The alter itself I think is really well done. The flaggies rather then horses is nice, and the strong but deep colours of the purple stand out nicely next to the skulls and scrolls.

  2. Good work! War Altar of Morr is looks awesome!

  3. when working on minis like this, you have to know when to call it a day and focus on the others at hand. most of the time i cannot adhere to this principle; but i'm glad to see you managed it.

    i think your war altar looks awesome. loved the checker pattern and the flowers most.

  4. Thanks a lot guys for the kind words, glad you like it.

    @BuRock I know what you mean and normally I'm terrible at it, sometimes It feels like I'm never satisfied with the end result. But I have gotten better at this luckely, and quite much because of this blog I think.


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