Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wh40k: Building my Minotaurs army pt. 1

As Iv'e written before I needed to order some things to start up my Minotaurs army. All my Forgeworld stuff arrived last week and looks great and later my Wayland games order came, but unfortunately not the shields from Scibor. So have to wait with building my Assault Terminators. But anyhow, here's all the stuff I got and the first marine of my Honour Guard.

So here's my try at doing a more unique looking Honour Guard for my Minotaurs. As you can see the main body is from the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard which I felt looked quite ancient Greek, which of course is the main inspiration for the Minotaurs. The Power Axe and helmet is from the same kit with just some Blood Angels blood drops and what not trimmed off. And just an ordinary backpack (may change this, though then I may need to make a new purchase from Forgeworld). And for last, the Shoulder Pads are of course from Forgeworld and you can see more of these below.

Shoulder Pads for both Power Armour and Terminator Armour, ten in each package but as you can see you can just make five Terminators out of  this kit so I bought two sets so I can build ten Terminators. I also bought two sets of the PA shoulder pads so I can build twenty marines with these. Must say the detail is stunning as always with FW stuff, and these shoulder pads adds so much character to my models and makes them a lot easier to paint as well (if you not want to use transfers for all of your Marines)

I also bought this kit with a Captain and Standard Bearer in the old MkIV Maximus Armour, lovely kit and the miniatures looks really nice. May do some kit bashing with these though.

Of course I also needed to buy Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi, the chapter master and the Voice of the chapter. And these two miniatures are one of the reasons I wanted to start a Minotaurs army. I think both of them is some of the best sculpts Iv'e seen in 40k, and when it is going to be a delight to paint them up in the future.

I also bought two of these sets for my Rhinos, really nice details and will look awesome on my vehicles.

Another must in my eyes when starting up this army is this big transfer sheet from FW, will be very helpful when painting vehicles and shoulder etc. These sheets are A4 so a lot of markings and will probably be enough for most armies.

Some of the stuff I got from Wayland Games, I will need more stuff in the future but I will try to focus on the stuff I already bought and finish them before I buy more stuff for the army, even if I really want to build a Stormtalon.

Well that's all for pt. 1, in the next one I will show you some finished models.

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