Thursday, 30 August 2012

Minotaurs: 1st Combat Squad Finished!

So my first combat squad for my Minotaurs is finished. Actually took some more time to finish than I first anticipated but in the end I'm happy with the result. They are also fun to paint and very different from what I usually paint which is a nice. Anyway, here's the first of the bunch. As you can see they are from the Assault on Black Reach box, next Tac squad won't be I promise. I've also used transfer for both the shoulder pads and knee pads (not all though) and it works really nice now after a few tries. Hope you like them.

Now I'm going with my family to Denmark so I won't update the blog for a couple of days. But expect more updates next week.


  1. Really good job!! Came across your blog via Faeit Blog Exchange post and as a fellow Minotaur collector I am happy to see another Minotaur collector. I will add you to my blog exchange and if you want to oblige your end? also you should join the Badab Project Blog Network.

  2. Hey, thank you. Of course I'll add both of your blogs as well. Always nice to help promote fellow collectors and painters. Thx for the tip about the Badab War Project, will ask to join you asap.

  3. Great work, will be following your progress...

  4. Thank you, I'm afraid I don't paint much Minotours atm but the project is still on and I will do a test mini for my Terminators soon!


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