Saturday, 1 June 2013

Last hours of Deadzone Kickstarter!

As I'm typing there's just 29 hours left of the Deadzone KS and this KS is already the most successful KS from Mantic games yet, with $837,844 in pledge total at the moment and rising fast now. Myself have been thinking if I wanted to participate in this KS or not, I don't really need more minis to paint in Dec this year (the Robotech RPG miniatures arrives this date too). But yesterday I made up my mind, and I will participate in this KS as well, going with sweet spot lvl of Strike Team with quite a deal of add-ons as well. The Strike Team lvl is just a too good deal to miss out on, with a lot of miniatures and even a quite lot of scenery to make awesome terrain for both this game and other Sci-fi games (like Warszone).

If you have checked this KS out yet, you can find it here. Go and look if you can find anything of interest.

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