Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tutorial: How to paint a Tzeentch Chaos Warrior

If you are following my blog you will probably know by now that my Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos is blue, well most of my WoC army is blue but that is because of colour scheme I choose when I started to paint up my Sword/ board warriors of Tzeentch. I have got some questions about how I paint them and well it's pretty damn simple really. But it's always easier to explain when having pictures so here's a little tutorial on how I paint my blue Chaos Warriors, I hope you find it useful even if you aren't doing blue Chaos warriors, just change the blue for something else and you are set.

Here I have put on all the first layers of paint on the model. It was basecoated black, and the blue is the old Citadel colour Enchanted Blue (haven't found a substitute for this one yet). I painted the cloak with Citadel Liche Purple (also a old one) and choose colour for the hilt on the weapon as well. For the metal parts I used Army Painters (AP) Gun Metal and gold parts AP Greedy Gold. For all brown/leather parts I used old Citadel Calthan Brown and for the skulls and fur I used Citadel Rakarth Flesh. For the last colour of the horns on the helmet I used Citadel Zandri Dust

When all they layers was painted unto the model I used AP Dark Tone Ink to wash all areas of the model accept the brown parts and the Rakarth Flesh/Zandri dust parts. For those I instead used AP Strong Tone. 

Now I re highlight everything on the model with the same colour as I used for the first layers this is a quite heavy highlight.

Next up is a finer highlight on the absolute edges of the model, I used Citadel Temple Guard Blue for the blue armour and, AP Shining Silver for the metal parts and old Citadel Burnished Gold for the Gold parts. For the purple parts I used old Citadel Warlock Purple which you need to paint two times probably, for the fur I didn't really need another HL as they get lighter when you drybrush them more but if you want to you can mix in a little of white in the Rakarth Flesh and do one more drybrush. For the horns I did this on top of them mixing a little AP Matt White with Zandri Dust. The skulls and the fangs on the cloak I did a final HL with pure White.

And here's the finished result, with the shield added of course. I Really recommend to paint the shield separately from the body as it's much easier to reach all the areas. If you want to know How to free hand paint the shield you can find a Tutorial for that here. Also for the base I used bi carbonate for the snow, some stones and static dead grass, will probably do another Tutorial for this if people are interested.

Also if you aren't totally satisfied with the result of the highlights, use an wash/ink or a glaze to a smoother transition between the highlights and do a final HL again. Normally I don't need to do this but for the shields I sometimes use Citadel Guilliman blue glaze or old Citadell Asurmen Blue to get a better transition.

Hope you find this Tutorial usefull and as I said in the beginning you can just switch the blue for something else and pretty much follow this tutorial for the rest.


  1. I'd love to see the tutorial for your basing technique.

  2. Have you found a way to do this with the new Citadel paints?

    1. Most of the colours can be switched to the new paints, Mournfang instead of Calthan Brown for example. The main thing that is totally the same is Celedor Sky which is the new Enchanted Blue, they are very close though so I think it will work (if you start from scratch go with Celedor Sky instead, it looks a little cooler in tone)

      Other than that the GW conversion chart works quite well with most colours actually.


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