Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dwarfs: Warriors of Karak Eight Peaks

A while ago I posted that I was going with an Karak Norn Dwarf army, well it so happens that I changed my mind. Was really tired of painting blue so I went with an idea I had before of painting them red and black instead. And from what I understand these are the colours of Karak Eight Peaks, the fallen hold!

That is prefect though as with the new Dwarf book we get a model for their King, Belegar. Also there's seems to a lot of focus on him and his army reclaiming more and more of their ancestral home. So nice story and it's fitting with the quite grim and dark looking colour scheme.

I have a lot of Dwarf models already needing some paint but I will of course also buy most of the new stuff when it's all released. Really looking forward putting those new models. But that being said many dislike the Warrior and Quarreller/Thunderers kits. I don't think they are the best kits out there, but with an decent paint job I quite like the look of them. Especially if they are many in the unit.

Hope you like this unit thus far, I'm working on some warriors and the command right now and will post these up soon.


  1. That is a very nice start! These guys look great. The red and black are very nice and strong. I like it a lot!

  2. Thanks mate, the command and some more clansmen is soon finished so expect an larger an nicer looking unit very soon ;)

  3. Well done. I too was planning on the same theme for my army. I remember the old collectors guide going over the different Dwarf colors, and this one always stuck out for me. And now with Beragar, all the more reason!

    It's neat how much you've inspired me, between my Tzeentch army and now the Dwarfs, you've become my muse


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