Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Warzone: First Bauhaus Hussar squad finished!

Right now it's all about the Dwarfs or my WZ:R Bauhaus miniatures, and this time I have finally finished the first squad of five Hussars with one MG-40 Light Machine Gun. There's actually some more stuff to do on these and I will show you the final result later but as of now I'm torn about if I want my Hussars to have their backpacks like the first finished model in this squad has. Or if I should drop them altogether, becasue I don'r really like them that much and they don't add anything to model really.

Another alternative is to use old 2ed ducal militia backpacks because they actually look better in my opinion and also adds some more details and stuff to the models. Just need to find some spares though. Please let me know want you think about this, because I need some advice :P.

An old 2 Ed Ducal militia, just to show the old backpacks.


  1. They all look amazing, really great brushwork there. I think they actually look better without the backpacks

  2. I can see what you're saying about the backpacks. Maybe have just a few with them on, like for support troopers or squad specialists. I think they look great, thanks for sharing!


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