Saturday, 15 February 2014

Warzone: Bauhaus Vulkan Battlesuit finished!

I continue painting my new Warzone: Resurrection miniatures. And my second WZ:R miniature ever is the Vulkan Battlesuit. Really fun to paint and not that hard to paint either, and when I finished this model I realised that the colour scheme I went for with my Bauhaus army probably is the right one.

I did two minor conversions here, I changed the barrel for the Heavy Machine gun, the old one I thought was to puny and short. Second one is the Nepharithe looking skull, just made it from a GW skull (from some kind of Daemon kit I think) and three horn looking plastic parts. It is inspired from the totally awesome looking Paul Bonner art with an Venusian Marshal and a Grizzly Tank in the background.

All in all I'm very happy with how it turned out and looking forward painting up some more Bauhaus and later more of the other factions as well. I will paint up the Bauhaus Starter first though so nine Hussars and one Angelica Drachen model to complete that goal.

As always c & c is very much welcome.

Size comparison to an old metal Ven. Dreadnought


  1. I really like the paintjob on both your Bauhaus minis. The grayish/bluish color scheme works very well with the metallics and the base looks great and is full of details. I look forward to seeing more Warzone stuff from you, I'm particularly interested in Venusian Rangers.

    1. Thanks, yeah I´m holding back on the Rangers as I want to complete the starter models first. But I don´t know If I can bring myself to do that much longer :P Thanks for stopping by


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