Monday, 24 February 2014

Miniature Monday: Dwarfs, Dwarfs and more Dwarfs

Okay first of all sorry for the lack of updates lately, much going IRL and well, I didn't have much to write about really. But I have done some painting, and it may not look like much but more stuff is going to be finished really soon but until then, here's five more HW/Shield Dwarfs and a pic on the unit so far.

Still unsure about the bases but I think I will go with an underground theme here (I even bought the expensive under-empire basing set so will try that one out soon).

Speaking of buying, I got my delivery of Dwarf reinforcements today from Element Games (awesome service and fast as hell) . And it's quite a lot of stuff, two boxes of Hammerers, one of Irondrakes and a Gyrocopter. The army book of course and three character, Belegar, a Runesmith and the Dragon Slayer.

Can't wait to put these together and start to paint them up, but want to finish my unit of twenty clansmen first and the Grudgethrower. That's all for now, more updates soon.


  1. Very nice work, I like the way these are going. You make the clansmen look like decent models.

  2. I like these a lot. My only criticism would be the bases being a bit too dark they start to melt into them at the bottom. Maybe warm up the greys and go up to near white?

  3. Hi mate, really like the paint scheme you have used here, could you list the different paints and coloirs you have used for the different parts of the miniatures? Thanks!

  4. Great work! The freehand is really good, nice work!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Old Fogey - I know most ppl tend to deslike the warriors models but I think they do look quite decent especially compared to other armies core models (I look at you plastic HE spearmen for example). And when painted up in a nice colour scheme there isn't any problem with them at all in my opinion. Sure they could look better, but now they also works the best together with the new models (old models have much bigger heads etc. )

    Minitrol- the final HL is white on the bases, but it isn't showing on these pics. I do agree though and will add something more to make the bases a little more advance looking.

    Paul- Glad you like it, working on a full fledged tutorial for the normal warriors (will be up first) and then for a hammerer to show you how I paint my Dwarfs so stay tuned for that in next coming days.

    Kuffeh - Thanks mate, I'm happy with how it tuned out as well :)


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