Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Warzone: Bauhaus Etoles Mortant finished!

Been painting like crazy this past week and that have finally given some results. And first up is five of my Etoles Mortants for the Bauhaus faction.

These where really fun to paint even if I have stressed a little, and the faces is quite hard to paint up as they are small and women's faces tends to be harder to paint generally.

I really like how the unit looks now when it's finished though and especially the girl with the Gehenna Puker, can't wait to use that on someone in my next WZ:R game.

C & C is as always very much welcome.


  1. These guys look really great. Lovely blues!

    1. Thanks Greg, although they are chicks not guys :P Jokes aside, really appreciate your comments mate!

    2. Aye! Apologies, I was using guys to cover a general term. I should have said "beautifully painted figurines :)"


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