Friday, 26 June 2015

News: First pics of the new Age of Sigmar models are here!

At last, pictures of the new models. I'm stunned, gorgeous models! I got these via @firstautarch at twitter.

Update: So after I have been looking more on these guys I'm a little bit torn. First of all, I love the new models. Both the Sigmarines (this name is spot on) and the Chaos forces of Khorne, but they do look much more like 40k than Warhammer Fantasy to be honest. I thought this was the way GW would go though in terms of looks for the "Empire" or Warriors of Sigmar or whatever they are called. And I do think the round bases is tricking our eyes a lot, not just used to it on Fantasy models. They do however also look much similar to Sanguinary guard of the Blood Angels, but a lot because of the paintjob I think.

So I think we all have to get used to this new Warhammer, but I for one will definitely be buying this Starter box with all these goodies, that's for sure. My old models will stay on squares and be used for 'Warhammer Classic' battles instead, the models just look to much different, at least for the Empire/Humans.

So what does it look like we are getting here then?

Forces of Sigmar

1 Hero on and Demigryph looking monster (this one looks so nice, love it)
1 BSB with and large Icon of Sigmar? (hard to see on the picture but he does look a little sinister)
2 x 5 Soldiers with hammer and shields (basic Sigmarines on 32mm round bases?)
3 Solders with 2-H hammers
3 Soldiers with wings (The wings looks mechanical but it's hard to tell)

Warriors of Khorne

1 Hero on large base (Can't tell the size of the base here, 40 mm?)
1 BSB with a large Icon of Khorne
2 x 10 Lightly armored Warriors/Marauders? (it looks like one of the groups have command as well)
5 Heavily armored Warriors/Chosen? with axes
1 Beast on an oval base and handler on a separate round base (feels a little like an Helbrute for Fantasy)

I'm still a little chocked by all this to be honest. Eager to see more and hear more about the rules. 

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