Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Warhammer Fantasy on round bases - A test

As the title says, I wanted to try to see how some WHFB miniatures looks on rounds, easy as that. I took these miniatures because I think if Warhammer is going to round bases, this would be the right size for these. We have seen some bases from Games Day like some more oval ones for cavarly for example but I don't have nay of those so I made it easy and just tried some infantry on normal 25mm round bases. And here's the result.

First up is a Hammerer, this one probably looks the best on a round base. I can see a unit of these either as they are or on a movement tray for round bases a la LOTR. As an individual model, round bases do look better I think. 

 My Empire army belonging to the now blown up Ostermark (with the rest of the Warhammer World) will probably not be rebased to rounds. I will probably keep it as an classic WHFB army instead and make a new Empire army for Age of Sigmar. But I wanted to try a round on my BSB model anyway. It's actually feels more stable (the torso and up is metal).

Last model, an really old Empire plastic Halberdier. The round bases does not look as good on static posed models I think, much better on more dynamic poses. Still looks nice though, not a huge difference.

All in all I like the look of rounds, but that's for pure aesthetics, let's see how the rules and what not is in store for us.   


  1. It looks surreal. Even Mordheim uses square bases. I'll be interested to see how a whole army would look ranked up with round bases. The LotR regiment bases will definitely become a popular item if the round base evolution takes hold.

  2. I think the figures you've done look fantastic on round bases. However, I like the massed rank effect that only square bases provides.

    Round bases scream 'I'm a skirmish game!'

  3. Adam - It looks really odd I agree, especially on static models like the old Halberdier. We have to wait and see how this will unfold. I'm not to pleased with the thought of rebasing my old models (and probably won't do either way)

    Justin - Thanks, yeah I totally agree with you there. Even round bases on a LOTR movement trays looks skirmish, easier to rank up though :P.


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